Our Pipeline

Our team aspires to deliver finite and curative protease inhibitors treatments for the world’s most prevalent and devastating diseases.

Viral Respiratory Tract Infections (vRTIs)

To develop a therapeutic agent for viral RTIs, it is necessary to elucidate the replication mechanism of a particular virus. Most viruses that are causative agents of respiratory tract infections strongly rely for their replication on proteolytic enzymes that are critical for expressing their protein machinery as a polyprotein that requires cleavage into functional units. Therefore, inhibition of the proteases activity leads to a blockage of its ability to replicate in host cells. Within our cutting-edge technology, we are capable to create highly effective viral protease inhibitors with a high safety profile. Patent application 11.02.2022

Program Indication In-silico In-vitro Preclinical Clinical Patent
NIL-FV01 vRTIs Pending
NIL-FV02 vRTIs In prep

Other diseases

Program Indication In-silico In-vitro Preclinical Clinical Patent
NIL-FH01 Undisclosed In prep
NIL-FH02 Undisclosed
NIL-FH03 Undisclosed